Over the years I have travelled to and visited many places. Below I provide a list of some of my favourite spots to visit. Many of the photos posted in my blogs are from the areas recommended below. (under construction)

In NSW Australia:

In Oman:

I also provide links to suppliers I have used over the years, if they appeal to you please feel free to follow these affiliate links to suppliers that I recommend.

I use Canon products and have used both Camera House and DWI Digital Cameras in the past, you can get some great deals by visiting these sites, and service is very good.

Canvas Champ, my house has a canvas in every room. Please feel free to download one of my photos if you like and create an awesome piece of art for your walls. Alternatively, upload one of your own, they make a great present. Prices are very affordable!

Glamp My Camp, I love getting out into nature and spending some time under the stars. Glamp My Camp just helps to make it that little bit more comfortable, they have an awesome range and very competitive prices of good quality outdoor gear.