Good Reads

If you are interested in improving as a photographer, as I am, then it is always good to follow and seek tips from those that are in the know. We can always google and find an incredible number of really useful tips and tricks on the internet, and countless helpful videos on Youtube, but I am a bit old school and just like books. I think you get a little bit more out of a good read about something you want to learn more about, and you tend to build somewhat of a connection with the author in the process, I find it a little more personal.

Below is a list of people I admire and respect as photographers, along with a list of texts they have written to help us mere mortals improve our photographic skills. More will be in time.

The Wildlife Photography Workshop
Ben Hall
Creative Nature Photography
Bill Coster
Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography
Richard I’Anson
The Landscape Photography Workshop
Mark Bauer
Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, Revised Edition
Brenda Tharp